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    We take pride in ensuring quality in every detail
    at every level of our production
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    Winning Teams
    Together as a team, with a feeling of unity
    we achieve more
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    Our desire to innovate leads us to explore new ideas
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    Trusting Relationships
    We value our relation with our stake holders
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    Technology drives us on our road to excellence
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    We believe that an organization cannot survive without
    an equilibrium between the environment and its operations
  • Notice of  Election of Directors of Thalindustries  Download Here
  • Cane payments for crushing season 2013-14 cleared
  • Thal Industries Annual Report 2014 Download Here
  • Thal Industries Annual General Meeting Notice Download Here
  • February sowing campaign has been successfully completed
  • Advance payment on sugar export: banks asked to ensure receipt of 25 percent contract value
  • Dollar depreciation: 'sugar export restricted to 0.4 million tons'
  • Notice to Shareholders Download Here
  • List of payable dividends for the financial year 30th Sep.2014 Download Here
  • Announcement of Interim Dividend 2014-15 Download Here
  • Notice of Interim Dividend Warrant 30Sep,2015  Download Here
  • Notice to Shareholders who did not provide a copy of CNIC  Download Here
  • Notice for withholding of final cash dividend under section of 243 of the companies act, 2017. Download Here
  • Mandate Bank Form Download Here

Our History

The company was incorporated in September 07, 1953 under the companies Act 1913 (Now Companies Ordinance 1984) as a Public Limited company. It had the crushing capacity of 1200 TCD (ton crushed/day) while Double Carbonation and Double Sulphitation (D.C.D.S.) were the manufacturing processes

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Our Businesses

Sugar Production and power generation are our areas of expertise. Our sugar crushing units at both plants are based upon the most modern technologies. Also, The Thal Industries Corporation Limited is exporting surplus power to the utility and has recently commissioned a 15MW power project.

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Our Sustainability

Our focus at The Thal Industries Corporation Limited is to have as less of an environmental footprint as possible. With a firm belief in recycling, we feel it is imperative that nature be sent back what it gives us. The concept of reduce, reuse and recycle is practiced at The Thal Industries Corporation Limited

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    ICUMSA - Below 45
    Medium to Coarse
    ICUMSA - Below 100
    Medium to Coarse
    ICUMSA - Below 60
    Fine Grain
  • Molasses
    BRIX: 90 degrees
    Purity: 48%
  • Bio Fertilizer
    Press Mud or Filter Cake

Our Certifications

TICL believes in setting high standards, thus our focus is on achieving international benchmarks, which has made us compliant with the following certifications:

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Company Introduction

We, at Thal Industries Corporation Limited, are proud to say that we have strived for success at every step and have devised the perfect formula to achieve it; innovation, quality, the desire to keep growing and the hard-work and efforts of a great team. Our ability to keep growing and improving our processes and technologies while continuing to set an example is due to the combined efforts of all those who are a part of the company for which we're grateful.

Over the many years since its inception, Thal Industries Corporation Limited has established itself as one of the most reputable sugar mills of Pakistan. Our mills boast both tradition as well as transition; we move along with the technological advancements bearing our years' old values. And we continue to do so.

Our relationships with our customers are of extreme importance to us. Based on mutual trust developed over years, we look forward to continue pleasing our clients and maintaining our relationship. We look forward to more development and fruitful relationships as we at Thal Industries Corporation Limited continue to pave the way as one of the leading sugar mills of the country.

Quality Policy

The Thal Industries Corporation Limited commits itself to manufacture and market high quality refined sugar that is safe and wholesome for its consumers and guaranteed Halal.

We will adhere to all relevant sugar quality, food safety and Islamic standards. We plan to do so by consistently monitoring, evaluating and adapting our processes, material and ingredients to ensure that all sugar products being manufactured are free from physical, chemical, biological hazards and filth (najis).

PepsiCo Approved Supplier

We specialize in industrial sugar, therefore our main customers are country's renowned multinationals and major local food and beverage companies. We are proud to say that we are the approved PepsiCo sugar supplier in Pakistan. This shows that our product and processes comply Pepsi Cola International quality standards.

Contact Us

  • Head Office

    •       2 D 1, Gulberg III, Lahore 54000 Punjab Pakistan

    •      +92 423 5771066

    •    +92 423 5756687

    •     info@thalindustries.com

  • Registered Office

    •       23 Pir Khurshid Colony Gulgasht, Multan

    •     +92 61 6524621, 6524675

    •    +9261 6524675

    •     info@thalindustries.com

  • Layyah Sugar Mills

    •        Layyah Sugar Mills, Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan

    •      +92 606 411981 4

    •     +92 606 411284

    •      info@thalindustries.com

  • Safina Sugar Mills

    •        3 KM Faisalabad Sargoda Road Lallian District, Chinnoit

    •       +92 47 76299990

    •     +92 47 76299990

    •      info@thalindustries.com