Our Businesses

Sugar Production

Our crushing units at both plants are based upon the most modern technologies. It is equipped with automated milling tandems and the globally recognized Mill Max technology (cane crushing technology), which is built on an innovative French design.

The juice purification and clarification at both the plants is done bearing international procedures. As a policy, it is ensured that all the chemicals conform to halal as well as international standards to cater to all our clients needs.

Thal Industries has also installed Refine Centrifugal machines and a Jenkin dryer which is used specifically for the drying of fine grade sugar. Our sugar packaging enables to ensure smooth and consistent filling, stitching and conveying of the packed sugar in the sugar warehouses.

Power Generation and Export

Environmental protection, energy efficiency and power export are the most emphasized factors for Thal Industries.  We have the capability to produce electricity at cheaper prices than the energy based on furnace oil.

Currently, Thal Industries is exporting surplus power and has recently commisioned  for 22MW power production project.

Research and Development

Agricultural R&D is an integral part of our policy which not only entails identification and multiplication  of new crop verities but is also used for exploring new avenues such as high efficiency irrigation systems, organic fertilizer, testing of new herbicides and pesticides and adoption of agriculture implements to improve farm productivity. We are also exploring the use of filter cake as alternative source of providing essential nutrients and organic matter for general improvement in soil fertility.

A farm facility is being utilized for the introduction of upcoming and promising sugarcane varieties. Such varieties are usually brought from the Sugarcane Research Institute and tested for their adoptability in the agro climatic conditions of the area. After confirmation of their yield,  sugar recovery potential and resistance against pests and diseases. these varieties are multiplied for the provision of seed to sugarcane growing farmers, thus continuing the process of replacing the old varieties with newer and better varieties.

Biological Pest Control Lab

We have a state of the art well equipped biological control laboratory at Layyah Sugar Mills. The prime objective is to raise beneficial insects, multiply the population and introduce them in the sugar cane fields in order to control the activity of the harmful insects such as the different kind of borers, sugarcane white fly and Pyrilla, without the use of chemical insecticides.

For this purpose beneficial insects such as Trichogramma Chilonis and Chrysoperla Carnea are being raised on a massive scale to be released in the field for the control of harmful insects. This facility, in addition to supplying useful insects to the neighboring mills, is also providing Sitotroga (host eggs) for the establishment of new bio labs.