Our focus at Thal Industries Corporation Limited is to have as less of an environmental footprint as possible. With a firm belief in recycling, we feel it is imperative that nature be sent back what it gives us. The concept of reduce, reuse and recycle is practiced at Thal Industries Corporation Limited as per the sustainable economic policy of government of Pakistan. All the necessary preventive measures to mitigate even the small adverse effects that can be caused to the environment by our operational activities have been taken. We are adopting an effective environment management plan to protect the environment. Due priority is given for greenery development and rainwater harvesting in the factory premises.

Bagasse is used as fuel in the production of electrical power. The surplus power will be exported to national distribution system, helping in the reduction of the power scarcity in the region.

Export quality molasses is a raw material for production of ethyl alcohol which gains importance for its use as fuel and raw material for various organic chemicals. The molasses is thus a renewable resource of bio fuel and organic chemicals and utilized for animal feed. Wastewater generated from our sugar unit is treated and used for irrigating agricultural land for growing sugarcane in our farms.

We have replaced old boilers with new efficient boiler and power house resulting in significant reductiuon of emmisions from mills. Wet scrubbing technology is used to remove fly-ash from the flue gas to ensure that emissions meet the required standards.

Farmer Support

Thal Industries Corporate Limited has initiated various awareness programs for farmers on sowing, harvesting and different varieties of seeds etc. along with the provision of technical assistance, led by foreign experts. TICL also offers farmers with interest free development loans, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to assist them in crops development.

Press mud produced from our sugar plants is composted along with ash collected through wet scrubbers system to produce enriched bio-manure. It is supplied to farmers for use in cultivation of sugarcane and other crops. The composted bio-manure is rich in nutrients and its use reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

TICL focuses on grower loyalty programs: it provides awards and annual recognitions to dedicated growers.

We also ensure that the farmers receive all their payments within time and that they are equipped with support to resolve any issues they might face regarding crop growth.


Education is the cornerstone for the development of our beloved country. We understand the need for improving the quality education of its employee's children as well as for the general community. 

Health and Well Being

Health and well-being for our employees are given top priority at Thal Industries Corporation Limited. Our mill is designed such that it does not pose a threat to the health and safety of the workers. A clinic facility and a 24 hours ambulance service is also available. Thal Industries also provides housing to its employees in a residential colony that has beautiful gardens and has a peaceful environment. We encourage our staff and their families to participate in various games for their physical and mental development.


We have strong relationships with our communities. The sugar mill provides employment to the local community. In addition, it helps the farmer community to become part of mills by supplying cane crop to our mills. We also encourage the community members to participate in sporting activities organised by us which will have a very positive impact on the lives of thousands of families of the Layyah district.

The flood in 2010 created havoc in the Layyah, Muzaffar Garrh and Dera Ismail Khan regions. Approximately 18 million people were affected, 1.7 million houses were damaged and there were around 2000 causalities.

The Thal Industries Corporation Ltd. in conjunction with Behbood Association realized the immediate need to help its community in this difficult time. Thal Industries and Behbood Association adopted around 500 affected families and provided them with food, shelter and medicines in order to bring their lives to normal.

Stitched clothes and shoes were provided to almost 2500 people on the day of Eid-ul-Azha. 53 new homes were built for the flood victims whose houses were destroyed by the cruel flood. We aim to continue our efforts to revive the community affected by natural disasters.